In the Trophy format, all competitors compete in full Trophy heats by completing four disciplines back-to-back. For the spectators, the dramatic head-to-head competition is particularly spectacular, and for the athletes it provides the ultimate test.

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® athlete Koen Martens at the World Trophy 2022 in Vienna, Austria.


Trophy format

The Trophy format is the most exhausting and physically demanding format in TIMBERSPORTS®. It is also one of the most exciting competition formats producing epic head-to-head duels as every second counts for an athlete to gain an advantage over his opponent.

The format comprises of a knockout tournament, so if you lose one elimination heat you’re out.

As well as creating enthralling head-to-head contests the Trophy format also tests the athletes’ mental skills. They must use their power strategically over the course of the rounds to progress through each battle whilst also conserving stamina to have the edge in the next round.

All athletes take part in a Time Trial ahead of the main competition, which provides the fastest athletes with the opportunity to avoid the most challenging opponents in the first elimination round.

TIMBERSPORTS® athlete Ferry Svan from Sweden during a Trophy heat at the 2022 World Trophy in Vienna.

In the Trophy format, four disciplines must be completed back-to-back; here Ferry Svan from Sweden at the second event, the Underhand Chop.

Knockout Rules

Each Trophy competition starts with a Time Trial where each athlete takes on the course on their own in a race against the clock. The results of the Time Trial determine the seeding for the first elimination rounds with the fastest athletes facing the slowest athletes in reverse order.

Depending on the number of participating athletes, some athletes might be eliminated after the Time Trial (this usually happens when there are more than 16 athletes competing) or some athletes may receive a bye into the second elimination round.

The first elimination round sees the athletes square off against one another in their head-to-head duels, with only the fastest athlete progressing to the next round until the strongest two face off in a final head-to-head showdown.

The heat 

All Trophy competitions comprise the same four of the six TIMBERSPORTS® disciplines: Stock Saw, Underhand Chop, Single Buck and finally the Standing Block. All athletes compete in full Trophy heats, meaning they must complete these four disciplines back-to-back.

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® athletes Oliver Reinhard and Marcin Darga at the Underhand Chop during the 2021 World Trophy European Qualifier..

Oliver Reinhard from Switzerland and Marcin Darga from Poland at the Underhand Chop during the 2021 World Trophy European Qualifier.

Rundown of a heat

Athletes enter on stage and have one minute to prepare their setup by placing their tools at the stands and making a Single Buck incut. After this minute, the athletes have 15 seconds to warm-up their chainsaw for the Stock Saw discipline.

At the starting signal, they grab the running Stock Saw and make one downward cut. They then run to the front of the stage to start the Underhand Chop. After successfully chopping through the block, they run back to the starting block to take on the Single Buck, sawing one complete cookie or disc.

They finish with the Standing Block Chop which marks the final discipline in the race against the clock.

How it works


The Trophy format was introduced in 2011 at the inaugural Champions Trophy and has quickly become one of the fan favourites for its dynamic pace and thrilling head-to-head contests. Today the pinnacle competition for the format is the World Trophy.

The format allows all athletic levels to participate and it is the only format in which Pros can face Rookies and Intermediates.