Danny Martin takes title of German Pro TIMBERSPORTS® Champion for the fourth time

Danny Martin is now the four-time German Champion in STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®. In the fight for the title which took place on Sunday, 1 October, Martin achieved No.1 status and secured his fourth national championship at the Seaside Beach in Essen. This means he has qualified for the Individual World Championship on 4 November and will compete in Stuttgart against the best logger sports athletes in the world. Peter Bauer came second, and the podium was completed by Stephan Odwarka.

Danny Martin (centre) triumphs at the 2023 German Championship ahead of Peter Bauer (l.) and Stephan Odwarka (r.).

Danny Martin remains at the top of the German TIMBERSPORTS® elite. After dominating during qualification, the 35-year-old confirmed his strong form and clearly demonstrated once again that he is currently leading the field. The athlete set an early path for a successful competition and was not displaced from top position right from the first discipline. With a total of three personal bests on the day, Danny Martin secured his highly deserved fourth championship title. “It’s a fantastic feeling to now have the fourth title under my belt. I dominated the competition and kept the win in my grasp from early on”, the winner said.

Peter Bauer retains second place – Stephan Odwarka stands on the podium for the first time
While Danny Martin gave a first-class performance, 43-year-old Peter Bauer came very close to him in the table. At the Hot Saw in particular, he achieved the best time of the day with 5.59 seconds. The athlete ended up taking the runner-up position, as he had in the previous year. “I could have done a little more in two disciplines, but on the whole I am very satisfied. I was well prepared and basically able to deliver on all fronts. That’s why I’m happy with the overall result”, says Peter Bauer, summing up his competition.

Meanwhile, Stephan Odwarka won the final spot on the podium. Posting the second-best time in the Hot Saw, the athlete consolidated his third place shortly before the end of the competition, and at the same time secured his first medal in a German Pro Championship. In addition to his fastest time in the last discipline of the day, a personal best time on the Stock Saw and a good performance on the Springboard gave Odwarka reasons to celebrate: “The competition was awesome and I’m totally happy. It was always my goal to get on the podium with the pros, and that happened today. The Hot Saw was particularly great, as I recorded the second-best time on the day in this discipline. I couldn’t imagine a better way to finish.”

German athletes prepare for World Championships in their own country
Now it’s time for the German squad, consisting of Danny Martin, Peter Bauer, Christoph Lang, Marcel Steinkämper, Denny Vielwerth and rookie Tim Anthofer, to prepare for the big closing event of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® 2023 season: the World Championships in Stuttgart on 3 and 4 November. For four-time champion Danny Martin, the triumph also wins him a ticket to the individual competition. At the meeting of the 12 best logger sports athletes in the world, last year’s fourth-place competitor wants to show off all his class with axe and saw again. “My big goal this year was to compete in the Individual World Championship in Stuttgart. I have achieved it, and that means a lot to me. Now I still have four weeks to train and optimise things”, says the local hero as he looks to the World Championships which will be held in front of a home crowd.

All the results at a glance
The complete results from the competition can be viewed in the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® database.

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