France best TIMBERSPORTS® athletes in Saône et Loire

The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® French Championships 2023, two French competitors return to the stage for the women’s competition and, last but not least, eleven young French athletes compete in the Rookie Championship – all this awaits fans on 23 and 24 June as part of the Euroforest trade fair with two days of intensive competitions!

Pierre Puybaret an der Stock Saw.
Pierre Puybaret an der Stock Saw.

On 23 and 24 June the best woodchoppers in France will compete for the title of French Champion 2023 and for qualification for the Individual and Team World Championship on 3 and 4 November in Stuttgart, Germany.

On Friday 23 June, twelve of the best logger sports athletes – including seven-time French champion Pierre Puybaret and Elie Paggin – will compete against each other in the six disciplines of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® series. The goal is to qualify for the final of the 2023 French Championships, to be held the next day. The 2023 French Champion will have the honour of wearing the colours of the French flag at the Individual World Championship. The aim, therefore, is to place as high as possible in the European ranking. Meanwhile, it is also an opportunity for the best of the competition to apply for a place in the French national team. The two best pros will also take part in the European Nations Cup, which will take place on 3 September in Seefeld in Austria.

The final of the 2023 French Championship will be broadcast as a live stream on Facebook. All the participants and full schedules for the competitions can be found in the database:

The return of two strong French competitors to the Women’s Championship!
On Friday 23 June, women will also be in the spotlight at the French Women Championship 2023. There were no French women present at the previous event, but this year two athletes are returning to the stage: Julia Barwicki Meyer and Aude Seel! They will be competing, amongst others, against the three Czechs Jana, Karolina and Venceslava Urbanova and taking part in the three disciplines of Stock Saw, Single Buck and Underhand Chop.

Eleven up-and-coming French athletes will be taking part in the 2023 French Rookie Championship!
No fewer than eleven French rookies will take part on Saturday 24 June in four disciplines (Stock Saw, Underhand Chop, Single Buck and Standing Block Chop) to compete for a place in the 2024 Rookie World Championship. In addition to the big favourite Loïc Voinson, the following athletes should also be kept in mind; Vincent Rousselle, who finished third last year, and Tim Grimal. The two best French rookies will also take part in the European Nations Cup in September.

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