European Nations Cup returns with seven nations vying for glory in Switzerland

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® is axe-cited to announce that the European Nations Cup returns on Sunday 11th September, with seven of Europe’s top logger sports countries coming together in Weiach, Switzerland, to crown the continent’s top TIMBERSPORTS® nation. This special competition premiered in 2021 with both Rookies and Pros representing their countries in a thrilling contest, which saw Poland named the inaugural European Nations Cup champions. They will be back to defend their title, while the rest of the field will be aiming to knock them off their perch in the second edition of the tournament.

Szymon Groenwald at the Standing Block Chop discipline.
Polish ace Szymon Groenwald is precision personified in the Standing Block Chop. Groenwald won the Rookie competition last year.

The competition will consist of one Individual Pro competition and one Rookie competition over the course of the day. The Rookies will be first up and have a crucial role to play in accruing points for their team before the Pros take over. In last year’s contest, it was the Polish brothers Szymon and Mikołaj Groenwald who laid the foundations for their country’s eventual victory.

Two competitions in one day of heart-pumping TIMBERSPORTS® action
A total of seven nations will compete in the European Nations Cup, with France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland each sending two Pro and two Rookie athletes and Sweden and Norway each sending one Pro and one Rookie.

The competition will first see the Rookies from each country compete in a Rookie competition consisting of one round across four thrilling TIMBERSPORTS® disciplines: Stock Saw, Standing Block Chop, Single Buck and Underhand Chop.

The contest will continue with the best Pros from qualifying – held prior to the competition in their own countries – battling it out in the Individual Pro round format, featuring six disciplines across three rounds. This includes the four disciplines featuring in the Rookie competition, as well as the Springboard and Hot Saw.

Individual point scoring to decide European Nations Cup champion
Throughout the course of both competitions, each athlete will collect points for their nation, to be added to a final nations ranking. Nations will have their scores divided by the number of athletes they send, to ensure fair competition.

The nation with the most points by the end of the competitions will be officially crowned the 2022 European Nations Cup champions.

The competitions will be broadcast live from 11am CEST (Rookie) and 2pm CEST (Pro) across the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels and will also be shown live on international sports streaming platform DAZN in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

The full athlete line-up will be available on the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® database.

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