German TIMBERSPORTS® athlete Thomas Hofbauer at the German Championship 2021 performing at the Standing Block Chop.

video - german pro championship 2023


Local training sessions

Two athletes at the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® training facility in Mellrichstadt during taking part in the Underhand Chop discipline.

How to get started TIMBERSPORTS®

To ensure the ideal entry into the Series, a training facility has been created in the Rhön region to provide professional training all year round. In order to provide every participant with the desired logger sports experience, we offer different types of training.

During a Talent Scouting Session, all interested persons can test their skills with axe and saw. Those who impress our trainers will be invited to further training sessions. Talent scouting sessions are suitable for people under 30 years of age. A participation fee of €249.00 is charged; participants under the age of 23 pay a reduced rate of €100.00.

German TIMBERSPORTS® athlete Marcel Steinkämper on the Springboard at the German training facility in Mellrichstadt.

If you are looking for a unique TIMBERSPORTS® experience, our Action Camps are the right place for you. Here you can experience how much power, technique and heart and soul is required from our athletes. Here too, the participation fee is €249.00. We also offer participation vouchers - the perfect gift idea for friends and family!

All training courses include professional supervision by our trained coaches, rental of all training equipment, safety equipment, training wood and catering for the day. As a highlight, every participant receives a STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® T-shirt.

German TIMBERSPORTS® athlete Tim Anthofer on the Stock Saw at the German training facility in Mellrichstadt.

The dates for Talent Scouting Sessions and Action Camps in 2024 will be announced soon.

The history of sport in Germany

Launched in the USA in 1985, STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® made its way to Europe in the early 2000s. With the national championship in 2001, Germany was one of the first countries on the continent to hold official TIMBERSPORTS® competitions. Since then, competitive woodcutting has developed steadily in Germany: In addition to the improved sporting structures, STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® enjoys greater popularity in the media and among its fans from year to year. These fans not only fill the spectator stands on site, but also follow the competitions via livestream from all over the world.

Our athletes

National Records

More on german national records on STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Database.


Man with STIHL jacket, beanie and backpack in a forest.

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