Brienz, 16. – 17.06.2018

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Swiss Championship 2018

Christophe Geissler is the unbeatable champion

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Swiss Championship 2018

The new Swiss Champion has been determined: Christophe Geissler won the competition for the fifth time in a row

The 16th Swiss Championship took place at the beautiful Lake Brienz starting with the so-called "Springboard" - chopping at a dizzying height of two meters. At the Single Buck, Joel Fort showed an extremely strong performance and barely missed a new Swiss record. At the "Underhand Chop", the cutting of a horizontal block with the axe, Christophe Geissler took third place.
After the non-satisfying result at the "Underhand Chop" Geissler could raise the bar again at the "Standing Block Chop" and thus extended his lead. He secured first place in this event with just two hundredths ahead of Stephan Hübscher.
Showdown of the Swiss Championship became the supreme discipline Hot Saw. With the second best time ahead of Stephan Hübscher, Christoph Geissler finally secured his eighth championship title.

Christophe Geissler, who is Swiss champion for the fifth time in a row, was delighted about his title defense: "After the qualifying yesterday wasn´t going that well, I was not quite sure how it would go on today. So now I am happy that I finally could defend my title today in this brilliant atmosphere against the backdrop of mountains."

Swiss Rookie Cup
The day of the competition was kicked off on Sunday by the junior athletes, the so-called rookies, at the Swiss Rookie Cup. Eight junior athletes from three nations dueled in two sawing and two chopping disciplines.

Kilian Schmid won the Swiss Rookie Cup again ahead of the local Marcel Ammann and Oliver Reinhard.

Woman´s Cup
On the first day of the competitions, there was already a women cup: Silke Palmowski from Germany won the cup, best Swiss athlete was Yolanda Hagmann who made the second place.

Results Swiss Championship 2018:

1. Christophe Geissler
2. Stephan Hübscher
3. Pirmin Gnädinger
4. Severin Bühler
5. Albert Kläger
6. Joel Fort
7. Geoffrey Ryser
8. David Knecht
9. David Birrer
10. Matthias Knörr
11. Mirko Lauber
12. Andreas Ammann