Roskilde, 8. – 9.06.2018

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Championship 2018

Pontus Skye from Sweden is the new Nordic Champion

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Nordic Championship 2018

For the tenth year in the row the Nordic Championships was settled. New king on the thrown and Nordic Champion is now Pontus Skye who showed a great performance during the competition. Sweden kept the Norwegian and Danish athletes off the podium when three Swedes occupied the podium.

Pontus Skye has for several years worked hard to win the title as Nordic Champion, but every year the spectacular and ear throbbing discipline Hot Saw has messed it up for him. This year, in discipline after discipline he won the first or second place. Only Springboard was a close cut after a fourth place. After five years of hard work, Pontus can finally call himself the best TIMBERSPORTS® athlete in Scandinavia.
"I have been waiting for this since 2013 and I still can't quite believe it. This day has been the best day so far in my racing career, where nothing went wrong except for the mistake in Springboard. Right before Hot Saw I felt that it I had done all that I could and what happens will happen otherwise I have just been focusing on one discipline at the time. I know I can chop, and my goal was to win, the whole time", a very happy Pontus said.

The competition had its ups and downs for the Swedish athletes and for a while it looked like the Norwegians could catch up. But the Swedish athlete's performances in their best disciplines covered up for their mistakes. In Stock Saw Pontus Skye set a new Swedish record with 10.65 seconds in the second heat. But already in the fifth heat he was robbed of the record when Hans-Ove Hansson stepped in and set a new Swedish and Nordic record with 10.46 seconds. In the end, the four top positions went to Sweden and they managed to keep the Norwegians from wining any medals.
All the times from the Nordic Championship are registered for the World Championship qualification. After all national championships of 2018 are in the books, the best performances count and it will be decided, if Pontus Skye has qualified and will participate in the prestigious World Championship. Also, congratulations to Emil Hansson who is the new Rookie Champion.

Results individual Nordic Championships

1. Pontus Skye, Sweden
2. Calle Svadling, Sweden
3. Hans-Ove Hansson, Sweden
4. Ferry Svan, Sweden
5. Vebjørn Sønsteby, Norway
6. Ole Ivar Lierhagen, Norway
7. Ole Magnus Syljuberget, Norway
8. Mathias Ringholt, Denmark
9. Johannes Eriksson, Sweden
10. Dan Gyris, Sweden
11. Jon Arne Borg Engø, Norway
12. Samuel Hell, Sweden
13. Martin Olsen, Denmark