STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Individual World Championship 2018

Laurence O'Toole is the new World Champion

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Individual World Championship 2018

The 2018 Individual World Champion of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series has been crowned: Laurence O'Toole has conquered the world of logger sports for the first time. In a world-class competition in the Echo Arena in Liverpool, the 36-year-old dethroned defending champion Jason Wynyard in front of an enthusiastic crowd of over 3,500 spectators, making O'Toole the best logger sports athlete in the world. In the thrilling finale, Matt Cogar from the USA came in second and Martin Komarek from the Czech Republic finished third.

This marks the first time that Liverpool hosted the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship. The best logger sports athletes in the world put on a breathtaking show for more than 3,500 spectators in the Echo Arena. At the end of the electrifying extreme sport competition, Laurence O'Toole secured his first World Championship title and relegated Matt Cogar of the USA and Martin Komarek of the Czech Republic to second and third place. The Australian champion began with a time of 15.20 seconds in the Underhand Chop, a strong performance that put him among the leaders early on. He delivered the best time of the day in the Single Buck discipline at 11.75 seconds, grabbing the lead for the first time. He then extended his lead over the other competitors with an outstanding time of 39.44 seconds in the Springboard – another best time of the night. In the grand finale in the Hot Saw, the man from Down Under left no doubt in the end. "I got off to a good start in the Underhand Chop, but then I didn't perform well in the Stock Saw. After that it was difficult work, but bringing the championship home is fantastic. In particular I want to thank my family and friends who came here with me, as well as my team, who supported me throughout the whole week", said O'Toole.

Matt Cogar sets a new world record and takes home silver
American Matt Cogar, who failed to beat the new World Champion despite his great performance, delivered the highlight of the evening. Cogar began the competition with the best time of the day in the Underhand Chop (14.39 seconds), only to outdo himself in the Standing Block Chop: with a time of 11.03 seconds, he topped Jason Wynyard's 2007 world record by more than a second. Ultimately, a wayward cut in the Stock Saw cost him valuable points in the fight for the title. Despite missing out on the World Championship, Cogar was ecstatic with his performance: "I'm happy I made it onto the podium – second place is great. Congratulations to the new World Champion and the awesome crowd in Liverpool."

Martin Komarek completes the podium as the best European
Martin Komarek from the Czech Republic came in third place and was the top ranking European athlete. Along the way, Komarek got off to a bad start in the competition but, with strong performances in the Stock Saw, Single Buck and Springboard, he managed to fight back into contention. After the fourth-best time in the grand finale in the Hot Saw, third place was his, right behind Matt Cogar. "I'm just thrilled. I prepared hard, and that's why I'm happy that I made it – everything is just perfect," said Martin Komarek after the competition.

Robert Ebner and Nathan Cumberland narrowly miss podium finishes
Fourth place was taken by Robert Ebner of Germany. His outstanding 5.51 seconds in the Hot Saw set the day's best time and also moved him past nine-time World Champion Jason Wynyard from New Zealand in the overall standings. The logger sports legend never seemed to find his rhythm. He ultimately came in fifth place, just in front of former Rookie World Champion Nathan Cumberland from Canada.

Australia is the new STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Team World Champion
The team from Australia emerged victorious yesterday in the Team World Championship. The "Chopperoos" put on a top-notch performance and defeated the teams from Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Canada on their road to the final. The Australians also set a new world record with a lightning fast time of 45.10 seconds. In the final, the team from Down Under bested the USA, who had to settle for second place. Canada rounded off the podium with their third-place finish. 

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