Extreme logger athlete Jason Wynyard is once again the World Champion

STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship 2017 in Lillehammer

Jason Wynyard is nine time World Champion

The world championship of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series is over: New Zealand's Jason Wynyard is the former and current world champion. In a breath-taking competition he successfully defended his title, becoming the best logger sports athlete of the world for the ninth time. He won in the Håkons Hall in Lillehammer in front of an enthusiastic crowd of more than 3,000 spectators. In a thrilling finale Australia's Brad De Losa and Mitch Hewitt of Canada managed to stand next to him on the podium. In 2018 Liverpool will host the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship.

After 2012 Lillehammer again hosted the world championship of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series. The best logger sports athletes of the world battled in front of 3,000 spectators in the Håkons Hall in a top-class competition. At the end of the electrifying extreme sport competition Jason Wynyard secured his ninth world championship title and relegated Brad De Losa of Australia and Canada's Mitch Hewitt to second and third place. From the very beginning, he showed a strong performance in the top-notch participant field and fought his way through the leading group. He took the lead by setting the day's record with 10.33 seconds in his showpiece discipline Single Buck. Wynyard took advantage of his lead and didn't let go of it until the very end, successfully defending his title. "I am not completely happy with my competition today, but the title means a great deal to me. At the end it all comes down to the Hot Saw and here the smallest details matter", said Wynyard.

Brad De Losa of Australia is runner up
After a strong competition, the Australian Brad De Losa, however, had to admit defeat against the new and old world champion. The man from down under showed from the very beginning that he was a serious contender for the title as he proved his skills in the Stock Saw and in the Single Buck disciplines. Before the grand finale, at the highly customized racing chainsaw Hot Saw, Brad De Losa and Jason Wynyard were only separated by three points. But the Australian committed a technical error, which cost him valuable points, which led him to take only second place. De Losa couldn't cover his disappointment: "Of course I would like to have won, but I made too many mistakes for that. At the Hot Saw I had problems with the last cut, which cost me valuable seconds. My performance at the Single Buck was good today, but also here Jason is a force to be reckoned with. At the end you can only hope that he maybe fails at the Hot Saw, but he didn't and that's why he deserved to win today."

Mitch Hewitt completed the podium after strong performance
Canada's Mitch Hewitt delivered a top performance: He secured the day records for the disciplines Stock Saw, Standing Block Chop and Springboard. He narrowly missed the world record time in his showpiece discipline, the Springboard with 38.66 seconds. Hewitt only had a few shortcomings at the two meter long cross-cut saw Single Buck. At the end he took third place with only one point behind Brad De Losa. "My cut at the Hot Saw wasn't great. It felt like the chainsaw had electrical problems. That's why I am happy to have completed the discipline. All in all it was a good competition for me", said Mitch Hewitt after the championship was over.

Matt Cogar and Martin Komarek narrowly miss podium
The ungrateful fourth place was taken by Matt Cogar of the USA. Cogar had a good start by setting the day record at the Underhand Chop in the competition, but couldn't replicate the success at the Stock Saw discipline. Reaching an unbelievable time of 5.95 seconds at the Hot Saw, he missed the podium because it took him more time to finish in all six disciplines than Mitch Hewitt. The competition ended similarly unfortunate for Martin Komarek: The man from the Czech Republic started the final at the Hot Saw with good prospects and could have passed Jason Wynyard of New Zealand with a better time and become world champion. The chain, however, jumped from the chainsaw during the cut. To at least prevent a disqualification, Komarek tried to repair his racing chain supported by a thundering applause from the audience to end the cut – without success. The Czech took fifth place, but earned the sympathy of the audience. As a consolation prize, he has the unofficial title of being the best European logger athlete, in front of Pierre Puybaret of France, who came in sixth.

World Championship 2018 in Liverpool
For the first time the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® World Championship will take place in Liverpool, England. On the 19th and 20th of October 2018 the best athletes from across the globe will compete for the Individual and Team titles.

End results:
1. Jason Wynyard (New Zealand)
2. Brad De Losa (Australia)
3. Mitch Hewitt (Canada)
4. Matt Cogar (USA)
5. Martin Komarek (Czech Republic)
6. Pierre Puybaret (France)
7. Arkadiusz Drozdek (Poland)
8. Robert Ebner (Germany)
9. Elgan Pugh (Great Britain)
10. Armin Kugler (Austria)
11. Vebjörn Sonsteby (Norway)
12. Paolo Vicenzi (Italy)

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