• Watch the Rookie European Championship (31 July, 2PM CEST) LIVE:

  • Watch the European Trophy (31 July, 7pm CEST) LIVE:

  • STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® and LIEBHERR renew cooperation agreement

    The extreme sports series STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® is renewing its cooperation with LIEBHERR and can thus continue to rely on a strong partner in the elite logger sports series.

  • TIMBERSPORTS® saws into more international axe-tion with European Nations Cup 2021

  • Ford revs into axe-tion by becoming new mobility partner of STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® and main sponsor of the international extreme sports series

  • Europe’s top choppers to swing back into action

    European Trophy & Rookie European Championship

    Scheduled to take place in Munich on Saturday 31st July

  • Renee Retschlag has taken the title at the Australian Women’s Championship

    Mitch Argent axes competition to take STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Australian Trophy

  • Season Review 2020

    Review the full magazine here:

  • TIMBERSPORTS® 2021 season announcement

    The Original Extreme Sport returns to AXE-TION

  • Review of the sporting career of a TIMBERSPORTS® legend.

    Dirk Braun – A career for eternity

  • TIMBERSPORTS® legend Dirk Braun dies in accident

    The TIMBERSPORTS® Series mourns the death of Dirk Braun.

  • Martijn Harms wins Virtual European Hot Saw Challenge as 2021 TIMBERSPORTS® Season starts with a Bang

  • Michal “AXE machine” Dubicki a cut above the rest as he becomes first TIMBERSPORTS® Virtual European Champion

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