German Championship in Winterberg

Dirk Braun wins German Championship and sets a new Hot Saw World Record

Dirk Braun wins German Championship

He is the most successful German STIHL TIMBERSPORTS athlete of all times! The 46 year old Dirk Braun took home his 8th German Championship title setting new standards on the Hot Saw, an 80HP strong tuned competition chain saw. In front of 2000 thrilled spectators in his hometown Winterberg he defeated second placed Robert Ebner and bronze medallist Danny Mahr.

He did it again! Dirk Braun proved once more that he's not on the shelf yet. In his hometown of Winterberg he took home his 8th German Championship title in front of more than 2000 locals cheering for him, Not only did he take home the most prestigious German title - he also set a new World Record on the Hot Saw with an incredible time of 5,20 sec.

„I feel good, it's always great to win. I always wanted to set a new Hot Saw World Record. That it happened here today is just perfect. I am very happy and proud of my performance in front of the local fans who all supported me so much. Even though I couldn't train as much as I wanted to because of my family, it all worked out for me today. At the end of the day it was probably the luckier one to win, not the better one."

After the competiton is before the competiton
Not only did dirk Braun celebrate his win but also the fact that he has now got his ticket to represent Germany in the Single Competiton at the World Championship in November in Stuttgart. There he will be competing against the best athletes from more than 20 nations.

Svenja Bauer first female German Champion – Leonard Schäfer best German Rookie
34 year old female athlete Svenja Bauer prevailed in the first ever Women's National Championship in Europe relegating Kirsten Krause and Janett Gerber to second and third place. In the Rookie competition Leonard Schäfer from Cologne showed an impressive performance with a triumph over silver medallist Chis Eder and third placed Thomas Sterz.

Results German Championship 2016 in Winterberg:

1. Dirk Braun
2. Robert Ebner
3. Danny Mahr
4. Matthias Weiner
5. Peter Bauer
6. Nils Müller
7. Steffen Graf
8. Stefan Stark
9. Ralf Dengler
10. Stephan Odwarka

1. Svenja Bauer
2. Kirsten Krause
3. Janett Gerber
4. Nina Pokoyski
5. Silke Palmwoski

1. Leonard Schäfer
2. Christian Eder
3. Thomas Sterz
4. Jannik Lindner
5. Paul Bieber